FAQs – Dentogen Clove Oil Gel

What is Dentogen Clove Oil Gel used for?

Dentogen clove oil gel is used for the temporary relief of toothache due to a dental cavity. It must not be used on an abscess.

How do I know if I have an abscess?

Toothache can lead to an abscess if left untreated; the main symptom of a dental abscess is a severe, throbbing pain at the site of the abscess. The pain usually comes on suddenly and then gets gradually worse over a few hours or a few days.

Can I use Dentogen gel on my baby?

No. Dentogen is not suitable for infants.

What should Dentogen Clove Oil Gel look like?

Dentogen Clove Oil Gel should be a clear pale yellow colour.

Can I use Dentogen Clove Oil Gel long term?

No. Once you have used Dentogen Clove Oil Gel to temporarily relieve the pain of toothache, seek dental attention immediately.

What should I do if I have swallowed Dentogen Clove Oil Gel?

Consult your doctor for advice on the correct procedures following swallowing Dental Clove Oil Gel.

How often should I apply Dentogen Clove Oil Gel?

Apply a little gel accurately to the decayed part of the tooth using either a clean fingertip, or a cotton wool bud. Repeat after 20 minutes and then every 2 hours if necessary.

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