Dentogen 6% Mouthwash

Benefits of Dentogen 6%bMouthwash:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide 6% (20 vol)
  • Licensed
  • Gargle and Mouthwash

Dentogen 6% Mouthwash is a solution for use as a gargle and mouthwash and also in the treatment of cuts, wounds and abrasions.

What causes bad breath?:

Bad breath (medically known as halitosis) is known to be the result of certain health problems or poor dental habits. It can also be made worse from eating particular types of food and lifestyle habits.

Why use a mouthwash?:

Mouthwashes are vital in good dental hygiene. They can help prevent or reduce tartar, plaque, and gingivitis. Some mouthwashes also help to whiten teeth.

Instruction for use:

For use as a mouthwash:

Adults including the elderly and children over 8 years old: Use one spoonful in half a glass of water.

For cuts, wounds & abrasions:

Adults including the elderly and children: Dilute with an equal amount of water. Apply to dressing and leave to soak before positioning on the wound. Affix with a bandage or sticking plaster.


Hydrogen peroxide, water and stabiliser (0.025% w/v).

Content of box:

  • 1 x 200ml bottle
  • 1 x Patient information leaflet

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